Sculptape® Skittle

January 8th, 2019

How to: Sculptape® Skittle

Step 1

Get your materials: Sculptape® • cling film • scissors • scalpel • your chosen object! Get CRE8ing…



Step 2

Wrap your chosen object firmly and generously in cling film.



Step 3

Wrap your object firmly and generously with Sculptape®. The more layers you add, the stronger the sculpture will be.



Step 4

Using the scalpel, carefully cut a seam through your sculpture and gently free your object.



Step 5

Reseal the seam using Sculptape®. If possible, place one hand inside the sculpture whilst pressing down the tape to reseal.



Step 6

“Ta-da! Enjoy your Sculptape® sculpture. Optional: stuff your sculpture with bubble wrap to reinforce.”