Washi Tape Tree

March 8th, 2019

Christmas Cards

Want to make Christmas cards that stand out? Washi tape is the answer. Discover how to make this gorgeous Christmas tree card in just 10 minutes, then be inspired to continue making greeting cards, gift tags and even decorations for the big day!

Step 1

Cut a simple tree design from white card

Step 2

Place on a gridded cutting mat and use the guide lines to fix lengths of patterned washi tape across the tree.

Step 3

Use a craft knife and ruler to cut a length of glitter tape into narrower strips and add these over the washi at random intervals.

Step 4

Flip the tree over and trim the tape to the outline. Mount the tree onto gold card and trim, leaving a narrow border.

Step 5

Edge a red blank card (10.5cm x 15cm) with a border of patterned washi tape, mitring the corners neatly with a craft knife.

Step 6

Fix the tree to the centre of the card with 3D foam pads to finish.