May 29th, 2018

If you buy or sell stationery products, or just love the thought of being in the BEST stationery ‘cupboard’ ever, then this is the exhibition for you! Not only that, it takes place at the stylish Business Design Centre in vibrant Islington in London.

The show is now in its eighth year and we’ve been exhibiting there for the last four years! We love it! It is not only the perfect opportunity for us to show off our extensive range of colourful tapes but also to showcase ALL the amazing things that can be CRE8ted with tape.

In our 1st year we created ‘The Tape gallery’. We found that people are generally surprised by the amount of colours and finishes that are available in tape! ‘The Tape Gallery’ made tape its subject; drawing people in to these tangible pleasing masterpieces of stacked and hanging tapes. We also displayed an array of incredible works from talented tape artists that we’re proud to support and collaborate with. We were excited to see our stand generating a lot of interest from potential customers and as you can imagine, we were extremely pleased with how the show went and looked forward to exhibiting the following year.

We’re happy to say that the following two years went just as well, raising the profile and interest of CRE8 Tapes whilst also encouraging visitors to have fun and participate in some tape art of their own both on our stand and at our workshop demonstrating how to make tape flowers.

Now four very successful years on, we went all out with the stand this year, promoting ‘Tape as thePaint!’ As you can see, we don’t just display our tapes, we CRE8 art. It was new, innovative and we hope – thought provoking. We found that the fantastic tape swatches we created show off our palette of colours beautifully, getting people to think beyond tape as just a means of wrapping a parcel in a simple brown or clear tape.

We’re also super chuffed that every year Reliable Source are mentioned in the marketing seminar by Crystal Opus as a very good example of how to exhibit products.

We love colour, it makes us smile, and we want to make the world smile with our tape! If one person goes away impressed or inspired then… job done!

Roll on 2019…